We sell stone.

But relationships are our cornerstone

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Our Company

We've been around for more than 25 years. We know stone, we know hardscapes, and more importantly, we know our customers and what they're looking for. Our goal day-in, day-out is to provide the largest and best selection of stone and hardscapes for your setting. If you need it, we have it. Or we can get it for you. But we are also more than that. We truly love stone products; come by and let us show you why we are more than a stone yard.

Big Rock Is Much More Than Sourcing and Selling Stone—We're Building Strong Relationships with the Customers and Vendors We Serve.

We feel blessed to provide customers with such ageless and natural beauty. We want you to be proud of the hardscapes you create with our products. Our stone was created by nature, God's handiwork. We source our stone from 13 US states and 2 continents. Each stone is unique and original bearing God's finger print. We believe our customers care about this uniqueness, whether you're an architect, builder, landscape designer, contractor, or homeowner. It matters to you and it matters to us. Our goal is simple: we want to exceed expectations. By turning business settings into showcases and houses into dream homes.

Meet Our Team

Stephanie King

Jean Bowie

Dan Simmons

Bill Hickey

Chris Lancaster

Brandi Smith

Robert Smith

Jeff Curtis

Meredith Dykes

Charlotte Hall

Robert Neal

Nelzon Arriaga

Brad Philbeck

Winston "Pig" King

Big Rock Gives Back

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Big Rock. Big Hearts.

At Big Rock, we believe not only in giving back, but also in helping those who are in real need. That's why we support Set Free Alliance (SFA), an organization dedicated to freeing children in India from slavery. We go to great lengths to make sure that any and all rock or stone we sell is acquired only from reputable, child-free labor sources. We want to call attention to the great work Set Free Alliance does for children in India.

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