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Achieve the look you want with our stone veneers

Cut stone veneers are the fastest growing natural stone products in our market. In contrast to manufactured stones, natural veneers deliver authentic beauty that only real stone can provide. There are no substitutes for natural stone veneers. Big Rock’s stone veneers are the actual “sawn faces” of high-quality, full-bodied stones. They are thin, lightweight, and install quickly and easily, weighing significantly less — roughly 13 pounds per square foot — than full-bodied stone. Because they are lightweight, they don’t require extra foundational support and look identical to their full-bodied counterpart. They are cost effective and work well indoors and out, to cover walls, columns, fireplaces, chimneys, and a myriad of other applications. Reduced weight, versatility, durability, and color fastness, our stone veneer products present a green, real stone alternative. From small home improvements to large new construction projects, come check out our real stone veneers.