Boulders and Steppers








Big Rock boulders come in all shapes and sizes

Boulders are a great way to enhance your landscape or outdoor hardscapes. Our boulders are sourced from mountain regions throughout the southeast, each uniquely beautiful; each boulder unique. You can be assured that your selection can never be duplicated. We have a large quantity and variety on our yard to accommodate virtually any need- from accent boulders and garden walls to jump rocks for your pool, the uses are limitless. Our boulders come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes to help you create your vision. Demonstrate your creativity and flair using boulders as a timeless design feature.

Our Castle Mountain Boulders are primarily used for walls in commercial and residential builds, including retaining and gravity walls, seat walls, etc. This natural stone is colored with earth tone colors ranging from golden tans to rustic grays and various browns. They are nature-shaped with flatter tops and bottoms making them perfect for wall construction and beautifully irregular.

Average sizes range from 36" - 100" long x 20" - 36" deep x 12" - 36" tall.