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Properties of Travertine as a Stone Building Material

Travertine is a sedimentary type of limestone that has been has been subjected to intense heat and pressure underground and is commonly located near hot springs and limestone caves. It has been a popular building material historically because of the location of the first travertine quarries located in Italy and Turkey back in the days of the ancient Roman Empire. Its popularity has endured over the centuries for several reasons.

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Impact and Wear Resistant

The durability of travertine has made it a popular building material for centuries. There is no better way to showcase travertine’s wear resistance than looking at one of the most famous buildings constructed of it, the Roman Coliseum. Travertine’s impact resistance makes it perfect for heavy use areas such as kitchen and bathroom floors.

Variety of Colors and Patterns

Travertine comes in many different shades of beige and brown. Some are close to white, while others are a very dark brown or gray. Most travertine is a blend of different shades and patterns of these colors. The differences in these colors are often the result of impurities within the formation of the stone.

Travertine often is mistaken for marble because of the marbled patterns displayed within it when it has been cross-cut. Another common cut for travertine is the vein cut which gives the travertine more of a linear, wood grain-like look.

Easy to Cut and Shape

When compared to stones such as marble and granite, travertine is much lighter and easier to cut and shape. In addition, it has been mined for centuries as a popular building material so travertine suppliers take advantage of this experience.

Resists Heat and Pressure

Because of the way travertine is formed, it is particularly resistant to heat and pressure, making it an ideal building material for both indoor and outdoor projects such as fireplaces, bathroom floors and showers, and around swimming pools.

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