Frequently Asked Questions


Does Big Rock offer Deliver for the stone stock?

Yes, Big Rock offers delivery for all our customers - homeowners and contractors alike! We make daily deliveries to the Greenville and Asheville Metro areas and schedule weekly deliveries to Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Savannah, Raleigh, and Charlotte.


How long does it take for Big Rock to make a delivery?

Once your product is ready to be shipped, we will call you to schedule a delivery. We are typically between 3-7 days out on deliveries at any given time.


What is Big Rock’s specialty?

Our specialty lies in veneers and flooring. With over 30 unique stone veneers and many unique flooring options, Big Rock sets the standard for various vertical (veneer) and horizontal (flooring) selections for interiors AND exteriors.


Does Big Rock install any stone I order?

While Big Rock doesn’t offer any installation of our products, we can refer you to one of our many trustworthy and reliable contractors who would love to discuss the scope of your project and installation.


Does Big Rock work with the interior as well as exteriors of homes?

Yes, we have a wide range of products that can be used in interior and exterior applications. Whether you’re looking for travertine, natural stone, veneers, or flooring, we can help you decide what product best suits you, interior or exterior.


How does Big Rock put the customer first?

We strive to put our customers first by providing what we like to call an “excellent customer experience.” From the moment you step into our showroom, you can view all of our hands-on displays, showing you the difference between how stone looks on a pallet and how it looks installed. Our showroom has been designed with the customer in mind. Showroom iPads are equipped with a comprehensive product catalog, where you can compare options side by side, browse materials, and discuss preferences. With our interactive displays, scanning a QR code brings product specs and installation photos to view on your preferred mobile device. We strive to help builders and homeowners make the most educated decisions when it comes to their stone and hardscape selections. Once you are paired with someone who is part of our knowledgeable Sales Team, they will walk you through the ordering process from start to finish, helping you bring your outdoor dreams to life.


How experienced and knowledgeable is the Big Rock Team?

The Big Rock team has grown over the past year! With new additions to staff and changes in product lines also comes an intense focus on training. Our Inside Sales Team is enabled to learn as much as possible when it comes to natural stone and paver products. With weekly Sales Team meetings and monthly continuing education with our suppliers and vendors, we aim for our staff to be fully equipped to answer all of your questions.


What type of stone is used in hardscape?

Most of the time, you will use sandstone as fieldstone, which we stock boulders and various sizes. Also, a prevalent stone used in hardscapes is river rock. River rock is used in your water areas, drainage areas, or dry creek beds. Including rustic river rock, we also carry Athenian white river rock and Mexican beach pebble, which is the majority grey river rock.


Does Big Rock have a large selection of hardscapes?

Yes, we have an extensive selection with about 15 types of fieldstone and about 4 types of river rock to choose from. 


What is the process of buying a hardscape like?

The process typically begins with an idea of what you want to do with the area most of the time followed with a design. After an initial scope of the project we will walk you through all the various selections and color tones for you to choose from. If the project will be done by yourself then you will come pick up the material. If you're doing it with a contractor most of the time they will help you with the selections. 


Where is the best place for a hardscape on my property?

It depends really on what you're looking to do. Some people prefer their more intricate outdoor living in the back, but the most common seems to be the front and side of the house, visible from the street. This is mainly where you're going to see your accent walls, boulder walls, mulch beds, river rock beds, patios, and pathways, which are going to be around the front or back of the house. 


What is considered a hardscape?

A hardscape is anything that is used on exterior surfaces for a need.  Some examples are, using river rock as water drainage, retaining walls, and soil retention if using boulders or retaining blocks, patios, and fire pit areas.


Does Big Rock offer fireplace stone for outdoor and indoor fireplaces?

We are able to provide veneer stone (more than 30 available options) and fire bricks that are suitable for indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Most of the time, fireplaces are going to use thin veneer. We have one of the largest selections of thin veneer in the southeast. 


When should I consider adding stone to my fireplace?

A great time to add stone to a fireplace is… anytime! Whether your home is a new build or in the middle of a renovation (big or small), using natural stone to make your fireplace the centerpiece of your living space is always a great idea. Small details such as this increase the value and beauty of your home!


Does having a stone fireplace add value to my home?

Details such as a stone fireplace increase the value AND beauty of your home! Why use manufactured stone when you can go natural? 


What should I look for when selecting fireplace stone?

Look for textures, colors, and sizes that match your inspiration! Make sure to ask your contractor or Sales Rep for the specs and details when it comes to selecting stone for your fireplace.


How long does installation of fireplace veneer take?

While Big Rock does not offer installation, we can refer you to one of our many trusted contractors in your area! A contractor is your BEST tool for success when it comes to stone and hardscape installation. 


What is cut stone?

Cut stone is another term for thin veneer, taking a specific type of stone cut at a certain height or width. It can be random or in a design pattern. Thin veneer usually goes about an inch to an inch and a half in thickness. This keeps you under the code for weight requirements on vertical surfaces. 


Does Big Rock work on cut stone themselves?

Yes, we have a fabrication center used for hearths, mantels, water tables, blazing boulders, aqua boulders, and anything custom. The only thing we can't do is finish pieces such as an eased edge, bull nose, or polished. We would have to go through a third party.


Will Big Rock deliver cut stone to my property?

Yes, we deliver with our in-house drivers within a 200-mile radius. If outside, we would deliver LTL or set up trucking for it. We ship material just about anywhere.


Is cut stone suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, cut stone was made to allow for quicker exterior installation. It looks exactly like full-body stone and can be used for things such as exterior walls or columns. 


When can I expect my cut stone to arrive after I place an order with Big Rock?

This depends on the quantity needed and the products selected. It depends on if it is a stocked product and where you fall in orders placed. 


What types of rock are best for landscaping?

We have many options for landscaping stone, including the following: Rustic River Rock, Gray Slate Chips, Decorative Grave Pea Gravel, Garden Pathway, Sunset, Indian Glass, Base Materials: White Sand, Crusher Run, Quarry Dust, #57 Stone, Yellow Masonry Sand, and Mexican Beach Pebbles in Black or Multi-colored.


How should I prepare my property for landscaping rocks?

If you're doing the work yourself, you should have weed barrier fabric, and your base is the proper base, such as crush and run, quarry dust, or #57 stone. Making sure of your base is essential. If you're going through a contractor, they should take care of all the base and setting material. 


When is the best time to add rock for landscaping?

While most people usually complete most of their landscaping improvements in the spring, all the other seasons also make great times! Whether it’s summer, fall, or winter, landscaping stone can be added anytime. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to freshen your exterior space!


Once added to my property, how do I care for the rock for landscaping?

The nice thing about hardscapes is since you're not dealing with live material, once the rock is down, you don't need to do much. With pavers, you might want to clean, reseal and repollysand them. With certain types of flagstones and what joint material you use, you might have to re-sand them. You can seal your patios and walkways on flagstone or pavers, and a seal will last about 3-5 years, but if you just want to lay the stone without sealing it, then once it's down, it's down.


Will rock used for landscaping negatively affect my property’s plant life?

No, with rocks being a natural product they will not hurt any type of nursery work or other plant life surrounding it.