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The Go Big Rock Difference: How Go Big Rock Puts its Customers First!

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

At Big Rock, we make it a moral high ground to put our customers first. We treat customer service as our number one priority. Our Big Rock family finds it essential to take the time and energy to get to know every single customer to ensure we help you to the best of our ability. We know stone and hardscapes, but more importantly, we know our customers and what they're looking for. We're not pleased until you are.

Big Rock aims for your time here to be pleasurable and exciting while we work together on building your dream into reality. We work closely with architects, designers, and builders to meet and exceed the needs of any commercial or residential project.

Our daily goal is to provide the most significant and best selection of stone and hardscapes for your wants and needs with the equipped setting. Our inspiration comes from your creative ideas and desires. We are built for the professional, here for the homeowner. With that said, we have over 500 options for you to choose from with our hopes of ensuring your satisfaction.

We are so grateful to be able to source stone from thirteen states and seven countries, reaching a span of three continents. With the largest stone yard in South Carolina and the distribution of five manufactured hardscape lines, not to mention the bulk products we carry, such as aggregate, river rock, slate chips, mulch, and sand, we have the materials you are looking for.

To ensure our customers are informed of everything going on our team sends out weekly inventory updates, via SMS, to contractors to let them know which products are back in stock. If you need it, we most likely have it, and if not, we can get it for you. Looking at these options has never been easier with our interactive display. Customers will view product specs and installation photos on their mobile devices by scanning a QR code. Not to mention our showroom has hands-on exhibits for our customers to see the difference in how the stone looks on a pallet versus installed.

Throughout our Big Rock showroom customers will find iPads connected to our online catalog. Our online catalog was developed to allow customers to see every single product we carry even if we do not have a physical display in our showroom. This allows you to compare products side by side, explore materials, and discuss your thoughts easily. Our interactive showroom lets you see what products look like on previously installed projects. This way, our customers, if they may be builders or homeowners, are informed about the material to make their stone and hardscape selections while having creative freedom in a peaceful environment.

Our showroom is articulately designed with our customers in mind. We want nothing more than for your experience to be easygoing but also a fun one. The showroom is also completely available online, therefore accessible to customers even if the showroom is closed. Big Rock is much more than sourcing and selling stone; we're building solid relationships with the customers and vendors we serve.

Our staff is trained to help with design solutions, product selection, and material estimates for any size project and budget. Once you have selected your products, a team member will pair you with one of our knowledgeable sales professionals who will walk you through the ordering process from start to finish. They will also be assigned to your account; therefore, having one person dedicated to ensuring every order you place with Big Rock is fulfilled from product type to delivery or pickup. And to be sure any other issues that may occur are resolved in a timely yet accurate manner.

With our in-house logistics team, a fleet of trucks, and trusted drivers, your order will be directly delivered to the job site when you need it, so you don't need to worry about the transportation of products. We make daily deliveries to the Greenville Metro and Asheville Metro area and weekly to Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Savannah. Our logistics team offers excellent delivery rates and services all across the Southeast.

Our Big Rock sales team's biggest goal is to help make your outdoor vision a reality. We are proud to say that our team has grown immensely over the past years. With new representatives becoming a part of our staff and alterations to our product line, we significantly focus on intense training. This training enables our reps to learn everything there is to know about natural stone and paver products.

We also offer onsite job solutions; if you have questions about the products, one of our sales reps will come to meet the customer directly at the job site. Our sales team has weekly meetings and continuing education monthly with our suppliers and vendors to keep their minds keen. We apply this persistence to be sure our staff will be fully equipt to answer any questions you may have.

That said, here at Big Rock, we are knowledgeable about stone and hardscapes, but our knowledge of our client's needs comes first. We genuinely have a passion for stone products; let us show you how we are more than just a stone yard. It gives us pleasure knowing we can help provide our customers with such timeless natural beauty created by the hands of God, leaving each stone unique. Like us, we believe our customer's respect and care about the originality mother nature provides.

You may be an architect, builder, landscape designer, contractor, or homeowner. Either way, if it matters to you, it matters to us. Our main goal here at Big Rock is to exceed your expectations and allow professionals, including yourself, to tap into the creative flow and build something beautiful. We live for the masterpiece to become more than plans on paper; it truly excites us to see things come together. There is nothing better than a vision coming alive and knowing you chose us to be a part of it. Let's turn your business setting into a showcase and your house into your dream home! Contact us today for a digital catalog and pricing or to arrange a visit!

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