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Flagstone Flooring vs. Dimensional Flooring – Which is Better?

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Are you trying to decide between flagstone flooring and dimensional flooring for your project? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss the differences between these two types of flooring and help you understand which one is the better choice for your needs.


Flagstone and dimensional flooring have very similar installations other than a few varying factors. One of those factors is that most dimensional products have a consistent thickness, making installations easier than flagstone which can range in thickness. Although this effects the installation of flagstone for a new installer, it is very easy to fix by changing the depth of your base material. Another factor to consider is the size of each piece. Dimensional stones usually have a pattern and are consistent in size and shape. Flagstone is irregular in shape making installation more like a puzzle than a pattern. These are just a few factors to consider but these factors can be easily overcome by a little bit of research and practice.


The cost of flagstone and dimensional flooring depends on many factors. Generally speaking, however, flagstone tends to be more cost-efficient from a material cost standpoint than dimensional flooring. This is for multiple reasons, but one main factor is the labor required to make a dimensional product is higher than the labor to produce flagstone. Another cost difference is installation cost. If you are planning on hiring a stone mason to install your material, expect the labor cost of flagstone to be slightly higher than the labor cost of a dimensional product. This is due to the time and effort it takes to perfectly lay out an irregular stone job. As always, check with your installers before assuming one is better than the other, but it mainly comes down to our next point.


The appearance of flagstone and dimensional flooring varies greatly depending on the type you choose as well as how it’s installed. Flagstone offers a natural look that adds an earthy feel to any space, while dimensional floor has a more modern feel with its crisp lines and precise shapes. The colors and textures offered by both types vary widely, and you should be able to find a color and texture you like in both irregular flagstone and dimensional flooring. One thing to consider is the style of your house and the feel you are going for. If you have a modern contemporary house, then flagstone might be too rustic of a product to install on your project.


When it comes to maintenance, both flagstone and dimensional floors require little to no cleaning on a regular basis. If you do have to clean either product, it can be accomplished with water and mild soap or detergent solution. Although I do recommend reaching out to us to make sure you will not affect the stone first. If you prefer your flooring to always be protected, we have a long line of products that will seal and protect all types of stone, whether it be dimensional stone or irregular flagstone.

So which type of floor should you choose? In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference as well as what fits best within your budget constraints! Both flagstone floors and dimensional floors are beautiful options that offer their own distinct advantages and feel, so make sure you explore all your options before making your decision! Thanks for reading – we hope this article helped you get closer towards choosing the perfect type of new floor for your project!

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